Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Season and Renew

I have kept many journals through out the years and there is a prayer/dream I write about in every journal I've ever had. Even when I was fifteen years old I prayed the very same prayer that I did when I was twenty-four years old. "Lord, please allow me to be a wife and mother." Besides wanting to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (ha!), it was the only dream I really ever had.

Well as I sat down on the School room floor this morning teaching my babies a Bible lesson, I could feel the Holy Spirit saying "Look. Look in front of you. Do you see those three babies? Your prayer was answered. Your dreams have come true. Enjoy every single moment with them. The love you and your husband loves you. THIS is what you asked for." It was an incredible God stop. I love being a Mom. It fulfills me more than anything I have ever done. Sometimes I don't throw myself into it as much as I should but today I am going to! Today marks a new day for me! Sometimes you have stop and realize you are living your dream but you haven't taken the time to recognize it! Not everyone in this world is living their dream. Some have a job they hate or a boss they despise. But that's not me! I LOVE MY JOB!

Every single day I get the opportunity to shape them and pray for their hearts to be turned more and more towards Christ. I am raising missionaries, evangelists, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. I am raising men and women of God! God chose ME to do it!

So my friends I feel I need to extend some grace to myself and pick up the Bible Study again in January. It will be an awesome time to begin again because the next week of lessons is all about forgetting what's behind us! Perfect way to start 2010! This Christmas Season we are going to pour ourselves into preparing for the Birth of Jesus. We are doing the "Jesse Tree" this year for the Advent Season has arrived! We are going to bake cookies, fudge and serve one another and serve those in need. We are going to make memories as a family and celebrate the birth of Christ each and every day.

I'm gonna go live my dream! You should too!

I love you!



Kelly Ann said...

Great idea, my friend!! You have an awesome family and I love to be around you guys when ever I can. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect. Have a great Christmas with your family. :)

-Kim U.

Liz said...

Oh Amanda I completely understand. Sounds like a great idea. Last week I went through the first 2 weeks of the Bible study again and there is just so much in those weeks!! We could all easily keep going through those and glean so much more than the first time. Can't wait for January. :) Liz

Elizabeth said...

What an unexpected answer to an unspoken prayer. I got behind and have not yet had the time to catch up. I was starting to stress about how I was going to catch up/keep up with this and the other Bible Study I am in. I was really disappointed because I don't want to rush through this study because God is using it to do some amazing work in my heart. As soon as I read this, I knew that it was God extending me some grace to not have to cram it all in just to "keep up." I can breathe through the holiday season. Thank you for that!! Enjoy your time with your precious family. I know I will!!

Christy said...

I love you girl!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great plan. Lately, I have been feeling too busy. Sometimes I don't realize that I'm just going through the motions until I get a break. I so enjoyed the slower pace of Thanksgiving weekend. Your post has been a good reminder to cherish the time with my family.


Wendy said...

Great way to start the new year! I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you have a great Christmas w/your family! Let's talk soon. Love you!

Kelly said...

Perfect! You are right- you are SO blessed to be the Mommy, it is the best job ever. I wish I was able to be home full time and homeschool- it would be all my dreams coming true:-) It is si refreshing to hear you relish your sweet task... I think we all can be guilty of taking it for granted but you seem to really live in the moment and appreciate the time.

Merry Christmas!