Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 4 The Sniper

For the last few days I have been explaining to Josiah (6 yrs old) and Ava Beth (4 years old) about Heaven and Hell. In order to do that, I have also had to explain who the "enemy" is. They actually know a lot more than I thought they did but it was still hard to explain. It's much more "user friendly" to only talk about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Heaven. The world we live in likes to make light of the enemy. You know it's like the shows on TV who has a character fighting temptation so they show a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Of course the devil is always in red with horns and a pitchfork but that is not an accurate picture.

If only it were that easy to recognize him we would all be much more aware of when he is on the prowl. He's not loud and flashy. He's subtle. He slowly finds his way in so you won't even know what's happened. He bates you. He uses fellow believers to set traps. He hides out waiting for an opportunity to kill.

Remember the DC sniper? Yesterday he was executed by lethal injection. Hearing about it on the news took me back to that month in October 2002 when people were being killed while pumping gas, mowing the lawn or walking out of a grocery store or Home Depot. Even a child was shot in front of a school. Even though I was in Texas and the sniper was in DC, I was scared to leave my house. I was seven months pregnant with Josiah, my first born and I wouldn't leave the house for anything. Our entire country was living in TERROR.

You see satan is the same way. He is a sniper. He waits to attack when you think you are safe. When you feel that everything is going great and all the sudden he POUNCES! He wants you paralyzed with fear. Someone being shot in a dark alley or a bad part of town might expect to get shot at. But pumping gas? No. He hunts us down in the everyday happenings in life. He is methodical, desperate and is always looking for his next victim. He is never satisfied. He won't be stopped until he is caught and beat!

As followers of Christ, he has NO control over our lives but if we allow him, he will try to bring us down. He will inject your mind with every lie possible and those thoughts can lead you down a path of total destruction. But there is something we can do to have victory over his relentless attacks. Expose him!

In Day 4 we are going to take look at all the different names he has and how he attacked our first parents. As we do this, I believe you will recognize some places he has found a comfortable spot in. Time to kick him out and remind him that you are a child of the KING JESUS!


Stacey said...

I started a discussion of this amazing post over at our facebook page. Come on over & chat, ladies! (after you STOMP!!!)


Christy said...

He is trying to devour but I got his game down ... he is a looser and I pray I can stay one step ahead. I am loving your study. You are doing a fabulous job.