Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IMAGINE yourself in 5 weeks! What will you look like RENEWED?

Tonight I decided I would post Day 2 tonight before going to bed. Well every single time I sat down to type it, I would go to my iTunes to pull up some of my worship music and get caught up in PRAISE and for some reason, even though DAY 2 was complete, something in my spirit told me to wait. "Wait."

You see ever since I got back from being out of town all last week, my home has been out of order so to speak. Laundry galore and then there is the duty of being a homeschooling mama. Laundry is stacked up high, the toilets need cleaning and Josiah needs to get caught up from missing a few days last week. When my home is out of order, I am distracted. I give the enemy ground because in those moments I feel frazzled, confused and stressed. Whether or not you are a stay at home Mom, a working Mom, a grandmother, a single woman or a college student, we face many things that come our way to distract us. Eve is a perfect example of that! She allowed a nasty serpent to distract her and we all know how that story ends! Before I can post Day 2, I have to spend time in the morning taking care of my home and my family. I have to get my house in order! I have to get it lined up under the authority of Christ. He is not a God of confusion and disorder. Disorder allows the enemy to come in and fill up space! Too bad for the "liar" because he WILL NOT gain ground on me!

So what about you? What needs to be lined up in your life? What is out of order? What have you neglected? Laundry, cleaning, Bill paying? Whatever it may be, be diligent to get it done so that you are able to dive into God's Word and hear what He has to say to you. He longs for us to clear out ALL distractions and focus on Him. He wants our attention, undivided attention.

Before you go about cleaning, laundry and other projects, I have a song I want you to listen to. Make sure there are no distractions for a few minutes. I encourage you to close your eyes, kneel down on the floor and allow the spirit of the Lord to minister to you. HE gave me this song to give to you so listen and receive what He has for you!! Ask him to give you a vision of what you will look like in 5 weeks. What will you look like as a RENEWED woman? IMAGINE yourself brand new! Free from the past, free from insecurity, free from the pain, free from those who have hurt you, free from depression, free from addiction, free from the curses spoken over you and FREE FROM THE THOUGHTS OF SELF DOUBT! Imagine yourself trusting HIM totally! Letting go of what your Mother said, your Father said, your friend said, your coworker said, even your pastor said. FREE! FINALLY! FREE!

Today is a new day so even if you have heard this song before, listen to it again. It's a new season. This is a season of RENEWAL. The women of RENEW will experience HEALING! Not only will you act different, feel different and talk different, you will LOOK different. That is what renewal does! It's an overhaul, a makeover, a MIRACLE! Get excited girls! WE ARE UP FOR RENEWAL! Jesus is ALL over us!

IMAGINE YOURSELF RENEWED! Now close your eyes and listen. Don't look at the screen! Listen and IMAGINE!

DAY 2 will be posted in the afternoon. Make sure you come back to print your study sheet. Also PLEASE post in the comments or send me an email about how I can pray for you! PLEASE.

I love you friends!


Psalm 30:2 O Lord my God, I cried to You and You have healed me.



Christy said...

I am SO glad you posted this song tonight AND that I came to read tonight .. I needed this and it is A LOT to take in. It is truly Godsend. I gotta listen again and again to get it all. All He wants me to get.

Christie Taylor said...

WOW...Amazing the timing of all of this. I needed this vision to truly dig in and experience the fullness of RENEW!! I know this study is anointed. Like Christy, I need to listen again over and over to get everything He is saying. Love you. Can't wait for this afternoon.

Julie said...

This is such an awesome song!! I, too, am going to be listening over and over again to take it all in! Thank you for posting this!!

~Most of all, right now, I need prayer in my role as wife and mom. I feel so inadequate and at times, I am so overwhelmed and with that comes the frustration and yes, at times, anger. I long to break free from that stupid heavy feelings of inadequacy that I carry around...

Looking forward to the rest of the study!!


Kelly said...

Wow! I truly don't have words to speak, the Spirit is so present and ministering to me. I prayed this very morning that the feelings of depression and the fog that have hovered over me would be lifted, that I would feel joy in the Lord's presence and confidence in Him. This song was so perfect and I am sitting here with tears of joy. Thank you for your willingness to lead this study and share God's precious Word.

Wendy said...

Just what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks for sharing it.

Karen Hammons said...

Wow! This is great!! I read that verse about God not being the author of confusion just this morning before even reading this. Awesome stuff!

Thank you for doing this study!

Christina said...

As a renewed woman I would NO LONGER bieleve that I am stupid and useless. I WILL walk in God's love and TRUST in Him. That is the woman I imagine. I need to hear this song again and again.