Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Tiffany

(The pics got out of order and I can't fix it!)

Before I post Tiffany's post and Day 4 lesson, I want to tell you a little bit about her. I really don't have the words to explain how much she means to me but I am going to try.

Tiffany and I met when Josiah was a newborn. She was the worship leader at the church we were going to. Our very first Sunday there, I remember seeing her walking through the lobby before I knew she was the Worship leader and knowing we would be friends! As a lover of fashion, I knew I had just came face to face with my kindred spirit. Of course I quickly realized she was the worship leader and I was totally blown away by the anointing on her life. The things she would say in between songs always spoke straight to my heart and you could truly feel the anointing on her life. Soon we were in the trenches together and putting our creative minds together for services. The rest is history! We were instant friends! She is one of my only friends who can remember Josiah as a baby and the horrible time he had with Acid reflux. In fact, one of her beautiful couches that her creative husband had reupholstered was viciously attacked by Josiah's acid reflux!

Tiffany is a friend I am truly connected to spiritually. We seem to always be hearing from God over the exact same things in our lives. That is why asking her to be a part of teaching this Bible Study was nothing to think twice about. I trust her completely and I know God will use her to speak His Word. Here are some fun facts about Tiffany!

*She knows more scripture than any other person I know. She has Word deep in her gut!
*She lives in Dallas.
*A BEAUTIFUL singer and anointed worship leader.
*She is from California!
*She has Jennifer Aniston arms and will probably hate how I am gushing over her!
*She is beautiful and doesn't even know it!
*She is married to a good looking, VERY CREATIVE, Fashion designer who travels the world.
*She is a World traveler with Brad.
*She is a mother to a beautiful daughter Lily (her and Ava Beth are 9 days apart).
*She is a stepmother to two gorgeous blonde haired boys Adan and Eli and they ADORE her.
*Her mother calls me Apple. (long story but she prayed over me one day over the phone and that's the name the Lord gave her for me.)
*She is the greatest listener I have ever known.
*We have the same taste in movies. (this is rare because I like weird movies)
*We are both pop culture junkies!
*She has the kindest voice EVER! I wish you could hear her talk!

I know Tiffany is blushing as she reads this but I had to share!

I love you Tiffany and thank you for constantly pouring into my life. You have been on the "front row" of my life for almost seven years now and never, EVER, have you tried to leave. You are my sister and I am so thankful for you. You give me life!

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Wendy said...

Tiffany sounds wonderful! You are blessed to have so many close friendships.

BTW, Love the new look of your blog.