Monday, February 1, 2010

Strong Trees

Ezekiel is watching a movie, Ava Beth is drawing pictures of trees she saw in our new backyard yesterday (we are moving to a new house) and Josiah is tucked away in the back of the house upstairs working on Math (he must have total silence). I am boiling chicken for tonight's dinner (tortilla soup) and walking through the house looking at all the things that will not fit in our new house.

We are going from about 2,200 sq feet to 1,560 sq feet. Most women would probably be freaking out just a tad at the thought of losing all that space but I am excited. Most of us didn't grow up with "play rooms". Most of us even shared a room with our brother or sister. We didn't have media rooms or game rooms. We didn't even know there was such a thing.

As we prepare to lose an enormous backyard and an upstairs full of wasted space and a gigantic school room, we are gaining so much more. A house with a much smaller electric bill, a house with two huge Bradford Pears in the front yard (the ones with gorgeous orange leaves in the fall and white blooms in the spring), a back yard with trees our boys can climb and our daughter can have tea parties under with her baby dolls. Three doors down we gain neighbors who just happen to already be our friends and have a son the exact age as Josiah and a daughter one year younger than Ava Beth. It's a beautiful, quiet culdesac where the kids can ride bikes and we can visit with neighbors on hot, Summer nights.

When I look out my current, front window, I see a frail "new construction" tree. You know the ones the builders put in when they build a brand new house? Skinny, lifeless, boring. I am looking forward to looking out the window at the new house and seeing strong, mature roots and limbs full of hearty, healthy leaves. It's a season of GROWTH, a season of change, a season of newness. It's those trees that remind me of how there is always room to grow in our lives. My roots need maturing.


P.S. Here is a book I read last week. It's a fast read and a great reminder of how "messy" we all tend to be yet how God chases after us anyway. It's a book I will definitely read again.

I've also listed a book I am starting today. I'm learning to connect with my Lord, Jesus Christ in silence and prayer so I am really excited about starting this book.


Kelly Ann said...

I am excited about this new season for you! God is going to do great things! One of my favorite things about growing up in Bedford was our culdesac. It was a safe place to play and I have tons of memories. You are right about the summer nights...they are going to be awesome for you and for your kids. We would play for hours and have "block parties". Great times!!

Kelly said...

I love (!!) the new look! So excited for you guys and your move, it sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see pictures of it.

Mature trees and a cul de sac... sounds so homey, and the perfect place for your family in this season. So glad you will be near friends, and a lower heating bill? I am just a little jealous! So happy for you!

Kelly said...

Oh, how funny... Kelly Ann and I must have had the same thought- I hadn't read her comment when I also wrote about this "season" of your life:-)
But it is true, we moved to a similar situation when thegirls were 4 and 5 and it was perfect for that time in our life... can't wait to hear all about it when you move.

Gwen said...

Hi there! We moved this past summer and did the exact same thing. We moved from a 2600 sq. foot home to a 2100 sq. foot home and on a culdesac! I haven't regretted it for one minute! Sure I miss some of my friends from the old house but I don't miss the bills! (we had a two story living room where the ceiling went all the way to the roof making the electric bills outrageous!) So...just some encouragement, doesn't sound like you need it but just in case....It will be awesome!

Amanda said...

Thank you Gwen!!! Oh I know what you mean about the electric. Our bill is OUTRAGEOUS! I cannot wait to be in a one story, SMALLER house. My friends have heard me complain for three years about hating a two story. :)

I wondered if we would have room when another baby comes along but Jeremy said, "It's the 4th child, he will be fine sleeping in our room for a while." Notice he said HE and not SHE. :)

I need ALL the encouragement I can get!!!

Thank you to my Kelly's!!! Love y'all!