Thursday, April 8, 2010

Field Trips

The other day I was sad thinking about how our School year has lacked field trips. Well at least the kind I would consider "Field Trips" but a friend reminded me the other day, as I bashed my lack of Field tripping, that my children have done plenty of things this year that will forever be in their memories. One of those would have to be spending time with a family at Dell Children's Hospital while their nine year old had brain surgery. It was a wonderful week to show the kids how important it is to be there for others. There are countless things we have done this year that when I think about, I smile. Last weekend we had a family camping trip to Marble Falls where we enjoyed the Lonestar Caverns. Every child and adult should experience the amazing beauty of caverns. God's work is nothing short of miraculous.

Tomorrow we have what I would consider to be an official "Field Trip"! I've been so blessed by the Ava Beth's Dance Academy where I have met wonderful Moms who have become friends. One of them has decided to Homeschool next year! So all of her kids (she has 3) and mine are headed to a Strawberry Farm about 45 minutes away! YEAH!! SO EXCITED! Because of the friendships Ava Beth and I have both made, I am strongly considering keeping Ava Beth at this Dance Academy for Ballet and Tap, even though it is now a 45  minute drive. I think it may be worth it! And I love, love, love the owner! One of the other Moms from Dance is taking me to lunch next week for my Birthday! I am really blessed by these women! Makes me smile when I think about how the last two years the Lord has given me some stable, healthy relationships through AB taking dance. I may only see these women once or twice a week but I can honestly say they have brought such joy to my life. They symbolize something the Lord has been teaching me about this stage in my life and "girlfriends". (I will save that for another post)

Who doesn't love a Field Trip and WHO doesn't love Strawberries?? We love them and we love Strawberry Jam so I have found a recipe from Ina and I can't wait to make some this weekend! Time to load up the wagon full of Strawberries and enjoy a fun day on the farm in the beautiful Hill Country!

(p.s. moving has put us on the edge of Hill Country. I cannot believe how beautiful it is where we live and we now live so close to so many things in Austin! It really is a blessing! Thank you Lord for change!)

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Karen Hammons said...

Oh how fun! That is so awesome of God to hook you up with just the right ladies you need in your life!! :-)