Friday, April 9, 2010

Strawberries and Blessings

There are no words to possibly describe what a glorious day this turned out to be. I convinced my fried Kim, who is also my neighbor now just three doors down, to head to Marble Falls with us and we had an absolute blast. We live just 45 minutes from the most beautiful place in Texas, Marble Falls. Marble Falls is the center of  Texas Hill Country and if you are ever traveling through Central Texas, make sure you visit the Hill Country.

More and more I realize how this 35 mile "move" we made was the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined. We live so close to so many beautiful things. We are truly living in "Central Texas" now. I can't imagine ever going back and living where we were. It's amazing how this move symbolizes so much of the beauty God is doing in our family's life. I'm so thankful for our friends Scotty And Kim (I went to High School with both of them) who I reconnected with on facebook a little over a year ago. If it were not for our friendship with this couple, we would never have known about this house that sits three doors down from them. Just last night I did not know where Jeremy was and he was down at Scotty's enjoying a beer in their drive way. I love what this cul-de-sac has brought to our life.

As for today's trip to the Strawberry Farm, I am amazed. Acres and acres of strawberries and so many huge, bright, red, luscious strawberries! You could not help but to fill up a basket. In fact, we filled up two! When we were not throwing them in the basket, we were popping them in our mouth. It was an incredible experience for me and the kids both. And you can't go to Marble Falls without stopping for a burger at Storm's! Lunch did not disappoint!

Time to head to the store for some canning jars so I can make my Strawberry preserves and you better believe I'm making homemade pound cake and homemade whipped cream for some delicious Strawberry Shortcake this weekend!


Naomi said...

love your pics, looks like the little munchins had a blast! those strawberries look delish! Girl you had my mouth watering thinkin bout homemade poundcake, homemake whipp cream, and homemade strawberry preserve!! yuuuuummo! xoxox

Karen Hammons said...

That is awesome how God is just bringing everything together for you in your new home! And those strawberries looked amazing!! Our strawberry picking time isn't until May. After seeing your pics, May can't get here soon enough!! LOL

Karen :-)

Amanda said...

Karen, the strawberry picking is from April to middle of May. Then the blackberries (my favorite) will be from middle of may through june as well as new potatoes! I'm so excited to go back!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your here! So thankful for spur of the moment field trips and play dates in the culdesac at the drop of a hat! So thankful I'll be so close by to help welcome you and baby number 4 home! And you better save me some of that homemade pound cake! Sounds delish! :-) We love having you guys here!

Blessed by our friendship,


Paula said...

WOW!! How much fun....I wanted be in the Hills of Texas right now!! Those looked soooo good.
I am so glad you had a wonderful day!! Well deserved!!!

Karen Hammons said...

That is awesome!! Blackberry for pancakes, jellies and other happy things. Yum Yum!!

Kelly said...

Love how you are enjoying your new home and cul de sac with friends- what a blessing for you all!

And nothing says spring like strawberry picking- I need to plan a trip myself:-)