Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog post potpourri (updated)

Every once in a while you meet someone who without a doubt was sent by God. The friendships in my life that have been long lasting are those types of people. I have several that I can think of but My friend Tiffany is a perfect example of that. We had an instant connection and have been friends for the past seven years.  I met another "Tiffany" not too long ago and I am so sad to know she is moving at the end of this month. Would you believe she is moving to the same city as Tiffany?! We are already planning a trip this Summer before the baby comes so we can hang out and I can't wait!

As I was explaining my grief to Jeremy over finding a kindred spirit who is now leaving, Jeremy said "All of your close friends live in Dallas or too far to see all the time."  He's right! It's been hard since we moved to Austin because I have yet to find stable ground. But I am reminded that friendships take time and instead of wishing and hoping us back to Dallas, I must embrace where He has us.

But I wanted you to all meet Lauren and check out her blog. Lauren and I came from totally different backgrounds in life but we have so many things in common. We are both Fox News junkies and that makes for great conversation and we talk about Homeschooling a lot. She is seeking God daily about whether or not to Homeschool and I love that God has used me to share my passion with her. I did not have anyone when I started Homeschooling so I constantly pray that He can use me to encourage those considering it. Lauren and I went to dinner last week and then talked for hours at Starbucks. On my way home I felt so refreshed and encouraged. I don't get out much when I have three little ones at home and when I do go out, I feel guilty. But it felt amazing to go out with another Mom and reflect on family, marriage, Homeschool and the awesome things God has done in our lives.

I remember a Pastor telling me a long time ago that I would know someone was put in my life by the Lord when I felt "replenished" by being with them. That is how I knew Jeremy was going to be my husband. I can look at the long lasting friendships in my life and see how they all replenish me. I pray I replenish them as well. My friendship with Lauren is relatively new but she is a "replenisher." Thinking about it makes me look at relationships and churches that have failed in my life and I see why. I often choose friendships that drain the life out of me or churches that already have major relational issues. My husband notices before I do and always says "are you sure this is someone you want to invest in?".  But I know I have been a difficult person to love at times and I am sure I have been a "drainer" so I end up investing my time and energy, later getting hurt.  I am learning that it is so important to surround myself with people who have a teachable spirit. If they don't, the friendship won't amount to anything.

For the past three years here in Austin, our life has been full of wonderful people but we have also gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd a couple of times  We have rested for a while and now spend 99% our time as a family. In the past we spent more time with church people than we did with each other.  I cannot imagine going back to our old way of living life.  So many people spend time away from their families going to Bible Study, meetings, worship rehearsal, etc and their family is on the back burner. WE DID THIS! Sure it's nice having dinners and plans for every Holiday but this past Memorial day we were home alone.  We were not invited to a cook out nor did we have one of our own.  We've turned inward and while some may look at that as weird, it's AMAZING.  We hit golf balls as a family, swam in the pool, played Wii golf and ate hot dogs and loved every second of it.  The most important people in my life, I adore and love spending time with. I will never regret it. My kids will grow up strong because of it.

Growing our family and raising them to be Godly men and women is a full time job. It's the most important job we have. The relationships we have outside of our family unit will no longer be draining ones.  If it gets in the way of our family and our values, we won't engage. We are not separating ourselves from the world in a way where we will not be used but we will do everything we can to FIGHT for our family unit.  Someone told me not too long ago that they admire our family time.  Well it's something everyone can have.  My kids are not in every sport and activity available and we say no a lot to things.  I think we have found a good balance and have some good boundaries in place for when the time comes and we reengage into the church world. We are about to start the search for a church home in our community.  And the past three years has taught us so much about the type of place we want to plant our family.  The Family has to be protected because Satan will use "Good" things to penetrate what God has intended for the family.

Meet my new friend Lauren, true friends are hard to find, be wise and prayerful in choosing a church and Family is EVERYTHING. That is what this blog post is about!  Thanks for reading my blog post potpourri today!


Lauren said...

You are awesome!! Thank you! Thank you!

Naomi said...

u are such a giving,heartfelt, loving person, and I am blessed by our ever growing friendship! xoxo