Monday, June 28, 2010

encountering the love of God!

I've been singing this song for a few years now and there is NO other version out there as anointed as this one. Lots of people have recorded it but this is true prophetic worship, the BEST kind of worship there is.

I'm going to post songs this week that takes me to an intimate place with my Jesus and reminds me of HIS amazing love and power in my life.

I love where my Lord is taking me in my walk with Him.  So you know me, I gotta share!  Jude is getting lots of singing right now.  I am belting it out and singing praises to my King.  He has saved my life!  My kids have seen me in my bedroom crying with hands lifted high in worship, singing my heart out and they know it means Mommy is just spending time in the presence of THE GREAT I AM.

This week I am encountering the LOVE of God in an incredible way and worship through music takes me there FAST! It's such a gift!

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