Sunday, July 18, 2010

Curriculum arriving

Checking the mail is fun right now! I got a package FULL (more like a HUGE box) of baby clothes from my sweet friend Paula (Baby Jude has TONS of sleepers now!), a package today from my friend Kim with some maternity goodness and curriculum is arriving daily! I am pretty sure that whole sentence was a run-on and did not resemble the sentence of a "teacher" but I am learning too.

Tonight I got my School room Dining area put together, my dry erase board hung and my new book shelf assembled with some fabulous totes and baskets!  I bought so many "back to school" supplies at Target that I'm sure my basket looked like that of a School teacher.  Wait! I am a SCHOOL TEACHER!

I am so excited for the Hayes School House to be back in session!  Fresh pencils, markers, crayons, post its, folders, glue, craft supplies, awesome curriculum and so much more! Can't wait!


Christy said...

I hope I get there. I am SO nervous!!!

Kelly said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious:-) How blessed are your kids to have a teacher who is so excited to start the year? Hope you post pictures- I would love to see your class room!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited for y'all!! Your enthusiasm is super contagious and I know your kids are going to be well-taught. Here's hoping the weeks to come are quick but also full of fun and many happy memories. And, then, back to school!! :-)

Tracy: said...

FUN!! I remember those days! So sweet and precious! (and they fly by) Dropping my son off at college in a few weeks! ENJOY, my friend!

Stacey said...

Woohoo!!! We started today!!!! I am so pumped! The kids are pumped! We are excited to do 3 weeks of school and then go on our long-awaited 3 week family vacation!!

It's so hot here we can't do anything but stay inside, so schooling it is! :) And yes! Checking the mail has been fun for us for the past couple weeks and will continue for the next 2-3! All kinds of fun stuff enroute to our house!