Monday, August 16, 2010

blog deconstruction

Instead of constructing a blog layout today, I think I may deconstruct it.  I don't like how it looks right now so get ready for it to change a lot until I figure out what I want, what links I want and what colors I want.  Having all this control is sending me over the edge.  This is why I do not handle Ikea well.  Too many choices!

Other than that, it was a GREAT weekend!  And my man turns 35 years old this coming Saturday and I have a great blog post in store for this week as I honor him!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!



Jessica said...

No Way! That's my mans' 35th Birthday too!!! :)

Kim said...

I'm the same way! Have fun lovin' up that man of yours! Hope ya'll have a great birthday time together!!!

wendy said...

Steve's birthday too!
Happy birthday, Jeremy!!

Amanda said...

That is too cool Jessica! I did not know that!