Thursday, August 5, 2010

Text maniac?

"God also intends for our relationships to mutually satisfy. When we let people draw close to us and are authentic with them, we experience personal growth, joy, and contentment. Conversely, relating on a shallow level leaves us lonely, lacking purpose, and investing in things of less significance. Ours is a highly mobile, technologically charged, and fast-paced culture. As a result, we may need to make some serious changes and concessions in order to build the kind of relationships that go below the surface and touch our deeper needs." 

I read this article last week and have really tried to practice what it preaches with my close friends.  Sometimes with kids and all the noise, a text is much easier but it can never take the place of real communication.  In today's society, some people ONLY communicate via text and email because they don't want to talk.  People even try to solve conflict this way.  THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. :)

Instead of being lazy and sending a text to ask someone how they are doing, CALL them.  Remember what it was like when we used to do this? :)

There were some key points in this article that really made me think about text and what it can do to relationships.

If you are a text maniac (I am), read the link below! 


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Kelly Ann said...

That was a GREAT article! Convicting for sure! Texting is usually easier, but usually not the best way to communicate.