Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labeling the United States Map

Of course we had to make sure Texas was the brightest state on the map!

And now that my son knows what a "correct sentence" is, he may begin to correct me for all the times I speak in "phrases".  I think Moms speak in phrases a lot!  Don't you?  

He did get a little confused with the lesson today.  He thought "Jesus wept." was a phrase instead of a sentence but knew that "Mary and Martha" was NOT a sentence.  

I'm so worried about my grammar when I blog and I am sure I mess up a lot.  If you like to pick apart things people write because you are obsessed with proper grammar and punctuation, stop reading my blog NOW! It's nice to learn 2nd grade English all over again.

Schools are closed in Austin due to flooding but thankfully we are schooling on "Higher Ground" and done for the day!

Thank you Lord for another great day of School and Ava Beth's first day of Ballet and Tap! 

More pictures coming soon!



Kate said...

i LOVE and am so thankful for spell check but ever do i wish there was grammar and sentence check! oh well...

i love rod and staff for those same reasons. i am trying there spelling this year and it's different but i do love the way it's tied into the pathway readers. so far so good... the vocab book (for older grades) is great for my older daughter.

Kelly Ann said...

Love that we are in this together!

Kim said...

I didn't know that Rod & Staff spelling was tied into the Pathway Readers!!! I was about to start Sequential Spelling (which is intriguing) but I would love the readers being tied in ... something else to look into.