Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tales from Avonlea

I forgot to mention this is my post this morning so I am back!

If you love Anne of Green Gables (I LOVE Anne), you will love this series too.  I rented the series from our Library on DVD and Ava Beth and I have spent the last few afternoons on the couch cuddled up under a blanket enjoying the mischief of Sara Stanley.  Josiah doesn't mind them either but they are wonderful stories to enjoy with your daughter.  


Stacey said...

Okay, this is the weirdest thing, but we LITERALLY just got the DVD for the first season of The Road to Avonlea - which is the Sara Stanley stories also!!
(Don't know if it's the same actors)
I watched them when they aired on tv the first time around on Sunday nights, and it is so fun to watch them again with my little girl!

What a bizarre coincidence!

Kelly said...

Love snuggle time on the sofa reading with the girls. So fun for you and Ava Beth to have those special girlie times, and I can just imagine the boys playing nearby and listening to the story, even as they play in their own little worlds. What sweet times!
(And I totally wish we were neighbors! Your sweet words of encouragement meant SO much to me on my recent school posts. You said some things that had truly not even occurred to me and encouraged me so much. You are such a blessing!)

Amanda said...

Love that Stacey!! Great series!!!

Erin said...

Those were some of my FAVORITE books as a child, I had forgotten all about them until you mentioned them...I will definitely have to remember that as SD (my 4yo daughter) gets older.