Monday, October 11, 2010


I know I will run again and feel like a "runner" again but right now I am doing something that has way more significance in my life. There are days I crave with every fiber of my being a nice 15 mile run. 15 and 20 are my favorite distances! As Jeremy prepares to run another marathon I am excited but also sad. I miss it. I miss the Holy ground that comes with each run. I wouldn't trade this time in my life for anything! Being a wife and mother is enough. Everything else is bonus. 

Today I miss the bonus.

Here is something my friend Kate sent me today that really made me smile! We talk running every day on text and it keeps my tank full. She is about to rock it at her 1st marathon! Have I mentioned how bad I would love for this die hard REDSKINS fan to move to Austin (she has relatives around here you know)? God has been hearing this prayer a lot lately and I think I have even shocked God since he knows what team she roots for. :) Anyway, she sent me this today and reminded me that I WILL run again. :) I pray. 


P.S. Kate is a Homeschooler with FOUR kids. Do you see why I lover her so much?! :)