Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rangers 8 Yankees 0

My whole family was watching and since we're spread out all over Texas, the phones were going nuts with text messages. It was a fun night! Most Cowboys' fans are feeling a sense of joy renewed because of the Rangers. Gives us something to look forward to! Maybe a World Series! 

picture from Dallas Morning News

Josh Hamilton (best hitter in the league) hits an early two-run homer off Pettitte!

picture from Dallas Morning News

The power of the New York Yankees is huge but this guy throws "ghost balls". Cliff Lee is the man and over eight innings, he SHUT OUT the Yankees. The power of Cliff Lee was stronger than the power of the Yankees. 

picture from Dallas Morning News

The Rangers scored SIX runs in the 9th inning! We will either finish the series in NY with two more wins or if we have any loss, the series will end in TEXAS! Yee haw! But if I were them, I would just finish the Yankees off there. Let's hurry up and get to the World Series! 

Another late night tonight with the family because we play again! Now I am off to do school and research the stats of both pitchers starting tonight. Cliff Lee has to rest for another game in the series! Rest that arm Cliff!

Let's Go Rangers, Let's go!