Sunday, October 17, 2010


What is the definition of a TRUE Cowboy's fan? Well, that would be ME. You don't just quit being a Cowboy's fan. I've heard it all. "Well back when Jones came along and fired Landry...". Seriously? NOT a true fan. Or I hear things like "When the team's morals seemed to have taken a dive back in the 90's...". NOT a true fan. People calling Jones "Money hungry"! WHO CARES! He wants to win and the fans want to win! Since when do we like a team based on the team's morals? And what team in the NFL doesn't have a player making really bad moral choices off the field? Should I name names? I can name several. Nothing gets me fired up more than people bashing the Cowboys because they dislike America's Team. Yes, I take it personal. 

So hats off to all of the true COWBOY'S fans! We can grieve together while our team is in the crapper! Jason Garrett? He needs to go. Wade? Go! Special teams coach? Go! I've lost a lot of faith in the season, especially after today, but I still love my team and I still believe they are AMERICA'S TEAM.

Here's to GRUDEN! Get him out of that boring broadcasting career J.J. and hire him! As My PawPaw used to say when he was still alive, "Jack this team up and drive a new one under it!". Amen!

We will take Chucky in a heart beat! 

Now, we lost the game today AGAIN but tomorrow night we got the TEXAS RANGERS to watch! That's where my hope is at the moment. Love those Rangers! And let's Go MAVS! The season is almost here!

You will see Cliff Lee tomorrow night! My PawPaw would be in tears just seeing his Rangers so close to the World Series! This is for you PawPaw!

Yes, this post is directed at all the Cowboy haters! You like to mess with me so I like to mess back! :) Yes, I see your text messages. How mean to mess with a Dallas fan who is almost almost nine months pregnant! Jude Witten will wear his middle name PROUDLY!