Saturday, November 13, 2010

The blog is updated! :)

I just can't say enough about how wonderful Jude is! He is the most precious baby and has made nursing (so far) really pleasant. Josiah had to have surgery when he was ten days old for Pyloric stenosis, I had thrush and he was colic and I ABRUPTLY quit with great joy! When I was nursing Ava Beth I had to talk myself into sticking with it every single day. With Ezekiel, I quit on the 3rd day. I just felt so defeated and trapped.

It's amazing what the birth of each child has revealed about myself. It seems like Jude has revealed a lot of victory in my life and discipline. Having a baby at almost 35 sure does change things. I've grown, continue to grow and it makes this experience so different than the others. Not to take away from the births of my other three, but Jude was born into our lives after great healing in my marriage and in my own life.

Everyone has been asking how I am doing. I am doing great! I have a few people in my life (my mom #1 and my 3 best friends) that I share the hard moments with. Sometimes I cry when I'm nursing and the older three are acting out because they know I can't do anything, they take advantage. And I cried when my mom went home! But it hasn't been overwhelming like some would think. It's been blessed and anointed!

Monday we start back to Homeschool after a two week break and I'm really looking forward to it. Routine and schedule centers me and the kids too. Jude is going to fit right in! We are going to take Thanksgiving week off for some Thanksgiving projects and enjoy the Holidays.

Today I'm off to find a pair of jeans And a few transition tops! Not looking forward to going into a dressing room but it needs to be done. Yoga pants can only go so far!

Target is calling my name for some Christmas items and I need to start thinking of Family pictures to have done for our Christmas presents. What to wear, what to wear! And let's not forget the annual Christmas pajamas! Hoping to match all three boys and Ava Beth match but with some pink involved!

And I'm 25 messages behind in voice mail and even more behind in email! Thanks for understanding!! :)

There you have it! I've updated the blog and now you know! Love to my friends! You all mean so much to me! You are my FAMILY!

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Love Being a Nonny said...

You sound great!!! I mean, you sound like everything is going good and Jude is fitting right in your sweet family!! I look forward to reading your birth story, if you choose to share it with us! Glad nursing is going well for you. Hang in there if you can....and if you can't, great job so far!!!

Kelly said...

Reading this makes me so happy, you are just filled with peace. SO glad you are enjoying the days with 4, what a sweet time, and especially with the bonus of being around the holidays. There just ins't a cozier time of year:-)
Congratulations on the addition of your sweet Jude. Isn't it funny to think God knew about him all along, and the joy he would add to your family? Hugs, sweet friend!!

Kate said...

awww, this warms my heart knowing you are doing so well! :)

Timmarie said...

Jude is precious. Glad it is going well.

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful lady! Congratulations on your new baby boy! He is beautiful & I love his name. I no longer have any contact info for you...would you mind texting it to me?

My # is 203-1199