Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home again

It's been a crazy week and a half but we are home and preparing for Thanksgiving at our house! I am cooking and baking and cleaning the next two days and excited!

Thank you all for your incredible text messages these past few days regarding my sweet grandmother and some of you have been checking on my own mama. Thank you so much! Your prayers have blessed me!

Taking a trip to the other end of Texas with a two week old wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. We stayed in a hotel for two nights and then to my mom's. Nursing is still going INCREDIBLE and I passed a huge test. Would you believe that I woke up in the middle of Saturday night with the stomach virus??!!! It was horrible. I nursed and pumped through all of it. Jeremy was lifting my body out of bed so I could pump and he could feed Jude. It was BAD! But now I am as good as new! Jude had his two week check up a few days late yesterday and he is gaining weight! So Mama's milk is doing the trick!! Praise the Lord!

Thank you all again! I am so blessed by your friendship and prayers! I have felt so loved by so many of you over the last few days! My Grannymaw's funeral was beautiful and full of worship! God did incredible things through her life and I will miss her so much. Plus I got to see just about ALL of my cousins and my kids were so excited to play with all of their little cousins.

I still have tons of "Jude pics" to post and will do that soon!!! And we are getting our Family pictures done this weekend as a family of 6! Can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Back to Christmas decorating and cleaning!


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Tracy: said...

Glad you are home and better! Sorry to hear about your grandmother! Your house looks amazing! We have a snow day today, I just might pull my Christmas boxes out! BLESSINGS!