Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Ava Beth!

I prayed for a little girl who would have long hair, love ballet and tap, love Jesus and sing in the car with me. She has those specific things that I prayed for and God gave me so much more! Having a daughter is such a GIFT! Today my beautiful AVA BETH RENEE is six years old! Happy Birthday Baby girl! She has a heart for people and loves God with all her heart. Thank you Lord for her!

My friend Kim said something that I absolutely loved and it hit me pretty hard in a very emotional way. "Ava Beth, you are proof that God loves your mommy EXTRAVAGANTLY!"
What she said is going to stick with me forever and it has made me look at my daughter in a whole new way. 

I will never forget being pregnant with Ava Beth and talking with a Mom who had three girls. Standing in the parking lot of a restaurant, she spoke words to me that I will never forget. "Your daughter is going to change your life and bring healing to your life in ways you can't imagine."

I believe all of my children have done this in many ways but I must say that a daughter does it in ways that are very specific. When I look at those huge blue eyes, red heart shaped lips and that long beautiful, blond hair, I see an EXTRAVAGANT GIFT! Thank you Lord for my daughter! 

A few weeks ago at my Grandmother's funeral, I listened to her brothers talk about what an incredible sister she was. She was the only girl with five brothers. One of her brothers said she was much more than a sister, she was their Mother. Someone else spoke at the funeral saying that in her eyes there was GOD and then there were her brothers. She loved those brothers with everything she had and protected them with all her might. Ava Beth is the same. She will fight with them and tattle on them all day long but you mess with one of her brothers and you will answer to her! We don't call her "Little Mommy" for nothin'!

My precious Ava Beth,

You are a dream come true. You have changed me in so many ways. You have taught me to be modest. Having you always makes me think about how I am dressing and if I am setting a Godly example for you. You make me think about my words. You make me think about how I am treating your Daddy because you are learning how to be a wife from ME. You make me think about what kind of friend I am being to others because you will learn to trust from me. You will learn to be secure from me. You will learn to gossip or not to gossip from me. You will mimic so much of what I do when you don't even realize it. 

I laugh like my mother, I walk like my mother, I LOOK like my mother. So much of who my Mother is happens to be who I am too. And the same will happen for you! You come from a long line of Godly women and I am so proud of the girl you are becoming. The way you love your brothers, the way you take care of baby Jude and the servants heart you have for others is what sets you apart. God gifted you with an incredible ability to love others passionately. I love this about you! You are ALWAYS thinking of how to love others. Already at six years old, you are a Godly woman. 

I love our talks in the car or late at night. You are my night owl! I love how you feel you can tell me anything. I pray that continues. I love how you tell me with a gentle spirit when I have been wrong. I love how much you love shoes, makeup and girly stuff! I love to watch you dance. I prayed for a ballerina and you are becoming one! You make me so proud and not only are you beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty supersedes it all!

Looking at you today, I realize how I am EXTRAVAGANTLY loved by God through YOU.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Ava Beth Renee!

I love you!



Love Being a Nonny said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Dream Come True!

Gina said...

This is beautiful!! Just as beautiful as the two of you are!!! <3

Karen Hammons said...

Beautiful!!!! Happy Birthday Ava Beth!!