Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love Jude!

I love my little man! He is doing great! Sleeps GREAT, almost six hour stretch and is still nursing great! I never thought I could enjoy breastfeeding but I love it. NO DESIRE to quit. He had some formula (mixed with breastmilk) the other night so I could have some time away and I cried every time I thought about it. Not because formula is bad (all three of my other children were on formula) but because God has done such a work in me in regards to discipline. I always so fearful of nursing and those first two weeks were hell! But we made it through and nine weeks later it is something I love! And he is a chunky boy and Doctor says he is thriving! He was two months old on the 3rd and I was sad. It is going too fast. I just want him to stay right where he is at. 

He is the center of attention in our house and everyone fights over who gets to hold him next! When I say that he is a perfect angel, I mean it. BEST baby ever!

I love him so much!

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Kate said...

God knew just what you needed when He gave you Jude! :) He's adorable! Looks a lot like Josiah (to me!).