Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She homeschools

When we hear others describing someone, we often hear things like "She has four kids", "She homeschools", "She has blond hair" or "She drives the blue car."  I often hear people tell me that I need to meet so and so because "She homeschools". That is how we make connections through others! It's how I came up with the title for my blog "She Runs" (not that I am doing any of that right now). Well, something has stuck with me. "She homeschools." 

Over the last few weeks I feel like the Lord has been filling me with encouragement in the Homeschool arena. It  can be a tough and lonely place at times. Especially if you have not found a "like minded" network of homeschoolers to walk the journey with. I don't have it all together. I don't have a consistent group of Homeschool friends. I am still searching. But I am constantly looking for better ways I can Homeschool. How can I love more? How can I serve them more? How can I teach them to love and serve more? I am constantly asking the Lord for creativity and passion to pour into my children's lives DAILY. 

I misspell words, my grammar isn't always correct and I am sure you can count many run on sentences in this post. But I love my kids, I love homeschool and I love this calling on my life. Because of that, I feel called deep within my gut to encourage many of you. There are many out there who have homeschooled way longer than me. They have more wisdom, know more curriculum and run their homes like well oiled machines. I don't have a color coded system for my laundry (my house is only 1500 sq feet), I don't belong to a co-op and I feel clueless most of the time about what curriculum to choose. However, I do believe God can use me to encourage others in the Homeschool journey. Because I feel called to be an encourager, I have created a twitter account for that reason. You won't always see things regarding Homeschool because I mix in a lot of my personal life. Anywhere from what I am making for dinner to what I am watching on tv. I love it! I am a social butterfly and this makes me feel social even when I am at home all day with four kids. 

So if you would like to follow along, you can find me on twitter! My id is "shehomeschools". I may not know when to use who or whom but I know how to spread some joy!

If we are already friends on facebook, then you will see all of my tweets there. If not, you can find me on twitter!



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Kelly said...

"She encourages" is exactly how I would label you.
I love this idea:-)