Monday, February 7, 2011


Two out of four kids are with Daddy at cub scouts so I thought I would try to update really quick! These days my life consists of nursing, sleeping, nursing, feeding kids, nursing, cleaning, nursing, playing games with kids, nursing, being a wife, nursing, being a friend, nursing, being a daughter, nursing, laundry, nursing, cooking, nursing, cleaning, nursing, homeschool, homeschool, homeschool, nursing, nursing, nursing and nursing. :) But, I can honestly say that I LOVE IT. I love how nursing FORCES me to sit still. Sitting still has been a huge gift to me. One I did not realize I needed so badly. Thanks to the youversion bible app, I read the Bible just about every single time I nurse Jude because I can do it so easily on my phone. Jeremy just got an iphone and so we are now reading together. I love how you can choose a plan to read from. I have about four that I LOVE. If you do not have youversion on your phone, GET IT!

I do not read blogs (hope to again soon), I do facebook and text (totally doable with one hand), read books on kindle, sleep when I can, nurse all the time and enjoy my family. I'm learning, growing, loving, playing and trusting God in everything. I have made some BIG changes lately and am standing firm in doing what I know God has called me to do. It's a big step of faith but God is leading every step of the way. 

God is doing so many things in my life right now that I am a bit overwhelmed on what to blog. And as I mentioned in a previous blog, I have to pray through some things before I can share. If my words are not sanctified, they are NOT worth sharing. This blog could easily turn into a pulpit of soap boxes and I refuse to allow the enemy to use it for that. I do look forward to sharing some things in a few months. 

Remember when I wrote about seeds and how I predicted a part two blog post? Little did I know the Lord had to show me in my own life what the PART II was. But again, it needs some time to simmer before sharing. Too many emotions attached to the part II right now. 

Time to feed the baby AGAIN but wanted to share with you that I have been working on something all day regarding scripture in our home. Tomorrow I will have a picture for you so you can SEE what it is! Also, I have been studying Hebrews 12 in great depth. The lord led me to this passage and it is really rocking my world! Please take a moment to read it and take your time. Read it for several days. It is THAT good!

I love you all!


(Don't forget HEBREWS 12 and I almost forgot to tell you that JUDE is perfect! He is laughing now! Love it!)

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Minnie said...

It's almost ridiculous how beautiful AB is. Can't wait to hear about Part II. Love you!!!!