Monday, March 21, 2011

21 of 31

We had a Homeschool event today where we learned about the Bible Bee. One of the girls in our group (teenager) won the National title in Chicago and the prize was $100,000! SERIOUS! The video they showed of the event was unbelievable. She was our speaker today.

These kids know the WORD like you can't imagine!! The younger ones did a craft where they had a "blow up" sword and decorated it. Then we played a Bible Quiz game. I was really excited mine knew some of the answers! Thanks to our Bible Curriculum we have used this year, they know quite a bit. I love it!

Another thing about this group I am totally amazed by? The Teenagers! Wow! They are amazing men and women who are incredibly smart and Godly. I LOVE the example they set for my children today!

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Anonymous said...

Proud of you! You are an inspiration to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 u manda!

Anonymous said...

So happy for ya'll, that's great!! Love the t-shirts!