Monday, March 28, 2011

26 of 31

My husband still acts like he lives out in the country. So this little dinky fire pit comes in handy when he is bored! He stunk up the backyard quick! I'm sure this breaks all kinds of fire codes! Thankfully, it lasted about ten minutes and it went out.

Lord, please get our family on some land SOON!


Kelly said...

Too funny! I swear men are always boys at heart:-)
Rusty dug this huge pit in the backyard to burn brush when he cleared out the yard (I swear it looked like he was digging a grave!) and he loves to burn things out there nearly every weekend... cracks me up, except when I need him and come back in the house reeking of smoke!

Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

That is funny Kelly!! Rusty and Jeremy would get along great!