Monday, March 7, 2011

6 of 31

Ava Beth has fallen in love with hot tea (the real hot tea), but this was a little tea party we had in her room on Friday afternoon. I was in the midst of folding clothes when she came to me and asked me to come into her room. When I walked in, she had her pretty little table set up with tea (water), pretzels and banana chips. It was priceless. Despite my desire to finish the laundry, I had tea with my daughter. It was wonderful! 

I decided to bring the ipad into her room so we could listen to music over tea. She wanted to listen to the "My Fair Lady" soundtrack. Thankfully, Pandora has a Broadway channel! They even have a "My Fair Lady channel"! It was an incredible moment. As we sat drinking tea, I smiled. Once again, it was a reminder of prayers answered. I am a Mom to four incredible children and a wife to an incredible man. Tea parties with my daughter? Wow! What a dream come true!

My days are filled with moments like this, and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. 

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Kelly said...

So sweet! Nothing more cherished than the times they seek us out and desire to be with us. Emjoy!

Kate said...

a couple years ago, i did a photo blog for a year - which ended up being a picture a day for two years! it was so much fun. got my creative side kickin' but even more so, i was FOREVER changed by reflecting on God's marvelous hand in EVERYTHING - from my family to His creation! i pray the same for you!