Monday, April 18, 2011

What are these pictures all about?

This is heavy on my heart, and I feel a strong tug in my spirit to share.

Have you ever met a cancer survivor? They usually have a brand new outlook on life. You may see them bungee jumping, taking up new hobbies or loving others passionately. They have survived the worst, so they live life doing things others aren't brave enough to do.

I've read a lot of blogs, seen a lot of Facebook updates and posts on twitter. There is a difference in sharing with the world your joy and sharing with the world things you do to "keep up" appearances. I remember a couple of years ago posting pictures of myself on facebook and this blog that had no eternal significance. The motives were not good. The pictures usually came from a place of vanity, a place of pride or the dirty place of "keeping up." I often grieve for that Mom and Wife I used to be. "What was I thinking?", I often wonder.

Well, today my motivation is different. I am a survivor. Every single thing I do as a wife and mother comes from a place of victory. I want to share with the world because Jesus changed my life! My life as a child and teenager was very difficult. It was full of abuse, tragedy and loneliness. I lived in the unthinkable, unimaginable and had the unthinkable and unimaginable done TO me. But, Jesus has healed me. He has redeemed my life through my husband and children. I am a survivor, so I will live this life to the fullest!

When you see these crafts (always copied or inspired by someone else)or when you see pictures I've posted of what we have been doing, just know that each and every picture symbolizes victory. It DOES NOT symbolize vanity or "keeping up". I am healed, I am changed and I want every moment to inspire and encourage others. My life is totally, 100% inspired by the Holy Ghost and NOTHING I share is because of my abilities or my creativity. It is because of JESUS who has saved me, changed me and created me to live a life glorifying HIM. If YOU are a survivor, you are doing the same.

Every craft we do, every book we read, every Math page we finish, every spelling test I give, every home cooked meal made, every batch of cupcakes made is a note I sing, worshipping the one who gave me THIS amazing life! This view some you have into my life through blogging, is a view into a life of pain that has been sanctified and healed! It MUST be shared!

And that's what these pictures are all about! Beauty from ashes!


Karen Hammons said...

You are so refreshing!! Celebrate through pictures as much you want girl!

Anonymous said...

Rest assured... You DO encourage & inspire! Love seeing all your pictures!