Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The School House Happenings

Josiah working on his Cardinal lap book. I love watching him research facts. He is loving this project!

We are busy decorating the School room with lots of flowers we've made. April Showers bring May flowers, right?

And we continue our thankful window filled with butterfly post-it notes! The whole family is in on this! I'm hoping to find post-it notes for all seasons.

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Karen said...

I hope my name is on one of those butterflies. The pot you painted for me with the butterfly is so pretty in the backyard and my flowers are really growing. I love it.

I love seeing pics of my babies. Tell Josiah that PawPaw and MiMi were sitting on the deck Saturday. We had a male and a female cardinal perch right on our fence. It was so cool. I've never seen them like that. I think this is the year for cardinals. Makes me want to get a bird feeder.

Love you all so much.