Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 days of Summer (12 of 30) and much more!

Do you see my new book? I'm so excited! I'm making my first batch today. There are a few baking supplies I still need, but I'm going to make do with what I have for now. I don't have a baking stone or a pizza peeler. I'm on the hunt! I have been buying a few tools here and there, so I can make do. I was like a little kid yesterday, tracking the ups man, looking out the window, and listening for his truck. Finally, it came!

Cucumbers, tomatoes, kosher salt, and salad vinegar in my grandmother's dish. These are devoured at supper way before the BBQ chicken!

Beth Moore posted something on twitter a few weeks ago that I instantly marked as a favorite (a twitter option). I had been in the midst of a personal struggle regarding my past and the pain of my childhood. I often pray for the Holy Spirit to brings things to mind from my childhood that are nice to think upon. I find myself not wanting to think about being a little girl, and through the years I have learn to stuff those bad memories. After seeing Beth's "tweet", I decided I needed to do what she suggested based on her own painful childhood.

"Was thinking how EZ it is to characterize your whole background as bad or hard. There is such redemption in uncovering great memories..."

When I saw these mason jars at the store last week, I grabbed a huge box to purchase. The mason jars reminded me of one of my grandmother's. She is actually a part of the "bad", but she was a troubled, unstable woman. She did the best she knew how. Underneath all of her anger, I knew she loved me. My newly purchased mason jars caused me to think upon a lovely memory of her. Even inspiring! I remember sitting at her kitchen table on a hot Summer day, watching her can. Canning was something she did often. Bread and butter pickles were her specialty and preserves of all kinds. She wore an apron all day long as she lined up those jars, and filled them with goodness! Next week I have a few canning projects lined up, and I will wear one of my vintage aprons all day long! Mammaw is no longer with us, but this is a memory I will have forever. Thank you, Mammaw.

It's turning out to be a wonderful Summer, FULL of redemption. Isn't it amazing how God restores? The very place I hurt the most as a child, the home, is the very place God heals me. Daily. Redemption is worth canning! It's a sweet, delicious thing!




Karen said...

just got caught up on reading all your blogs from day 1 of summer. I love all the pics. I can't believe "LATIN". How cool is that? I wish I knew that and I wish I could learn with y'all. Spanish is something everyone needs. I noticed in one of Ava Beth's baking pics she is using her, let me think, yes, her great-great-great grandmothers (three greats) rolling pen. omg can you imagine the dough that thing has rolled. That is the only rolling pen I ever remember my MamMaw Ritter using. If it could only talk and bring to us all the stories and what was going on in the lives of those ladies who used them. I wonder how many grandpas have been hit in the head with it. lol I love reading how God is transforming your home. I have such faith in you because I know where your faith comes from. I love you very much.

Wendy said...

I love that book! I never thought I could make good yeast bread until I tried some of those recipes.