Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 days of Summer (13 of 30)

Ava Beth is our worker! She makes herself available to help just about anyone and everyone. Watering Daddy's "oasis" (our only spot of green, GROWING grass) in the backyard, and watering the garden are two things she does every morning. You don't even have to ask her. She just does it!

I snapped this picture of her this morning because I had a vision of her as a grown woman, a mother, a wife. Watering the garden will be her own oasis one day. It will be the place she hears from God most. It's a quiet spot. It's the time in the morning to listen. After praying for her children while cleaning syrup off the breakfast table, she will sneak outside to water. As she waters, He speaks. Maybe He speaks to her about a neighbor needing a meal. Maybe it's about one of her children who seems to be hurting. He may speak to her about having another baby or ways she can love her husband more. He gives her strength for the Homeschool table or encouragement for the eight loads of laundry needing attention. Regardless, HE speaks as she waters.

A daughter is a beautiful gift. He extravagantly loves me through her.

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Kelly Ann said...

This made me cry! As you wrote, I could envision AB as a beautiful, Christ-following woman. You are teaching her well my friend!