Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessed are the un-cool

Did you hear? We are back in church! It is full of weird homeschoolers, large families, and we even sing a few hymns each week! On the drive home after our first visit, I asked Jeremy how he liked it. His response was the answer! "Well, it didn't make my skirt fly up." And that's how we knew! In fact, after reading the post below, I'm pretty sure the blog author described our church perfectly. We love our "un-cool" church!

Read the post below!

Blessed are the un-cool

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Kim said...

He's a hoot ;) The other day, we were riding in the car and I mentioned "Amanda" in conversation (one who lives here) and Chris said, "oh yeah, what did she say ... did she say that Jeremy is on his way over to go fishing?" ;)

Just read the "un-cool" link and it was AWESOME!

Glad you guys visited a church that was un-cool and still found devoted Christ-following families there :) Sounds pretty cool to me.