Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Curriculum buying begins for 2011-2012!

I went to a curriculum sale last night that our group put on, and it was great! I found some things I had on my list! I spent most of yesterday researching curriculum, and I also talked to Kim In VA(my go to on everything) about my questions. Thankfully I had Naomi and my new friend, Wendy, to bounce ideas off of too. Wendy has four children, and a baby on the way! And guess what? Wendy lives around the corner from me. Walking distance! Well, not walking distance in the Summer! After the sale, the three of us went to dinner. I felt so blessed to sit with them and talk about life and all the things God is teaching us through our children. I'm so blessed to have them.

God is doing some amazing things right now. I have some precious friendships with other homeschool moms that I have craved for many years now. Finally, I have like-minded friendships. We have found a church we like (family integrated, but focused more so on expository teaching), and we just cut the cable off! Yes, local channels only. We have talked about doing this for a long time now, but I finally got the guts to make the call! Thankfully we have Netflix streamed to our tv! We love watching documentaries and old tv series. We will be saving $75 per month. I feel like this will really encourage us to spend our evenings reading as a family, and will help us be disciplined in Family worship.

I've been reading so much about what large families do to save money, and God continues to put women in my life who either don't watch television or don't have cable. It feels good to shift our focus. There is nothing on television that I really want my family watching anyway.

As far as homeschool, we are taking a Summer break. I have us on a schedule right now with Bible and reading daily and Math twice a week. It's a great time for us to read what we want and enjoy a more laid back approach. Next year there will be some changes (again) as far as curriculum. I'm still nailing down my choices and praying for God's wisdom with each child. One major change will be Math. We have used Alpa Omega Horizon's Math for three grades, but I feel like we need to change. I could explain why, but it would take a separate blog post to do so. Just about everyone I convinced to try it, is also switching. We have chosen MathUSee. I've heard great things about it! I found a lot of what I needed last night at the sale. I went ahead and bought a level I will not be using yet, but the price was INSANE. I had to buy! And Naomi talked the lady down to $5!!!!!! The are a few things I still need to purchase for Math (student workbooks and manipulatives), but eBay has all of it!

One of the things I am most excited about is our Science. We are using Apologia Zoology! If you have ever used Apologia or know someone who has, you understand my excitement! I'm giddy! And it will work for Josiah and Ava Beth!

Spelling Power is our new spelling for Josiah. I have been using Horizons, but it was taking about forty-five minutes per day. This will take about fifteen minutes a day. Every homeschooler I know who has used it, LOVES it.

Im sticking with Daily Grammar (Easy Grammar). One of my favorites!

Readers? Pathway Readers

History- not sure yet

Cursive-not using a curriculum. I have purchased some dry erase boards for cursive. Josiah will start this later in the Summer.

Bible-not sure yet

Ava Beth will be doing first grade curriculum, but I am not going all out. She will use MathUSee, and I'm not sure what else I am going to use for her. I may not buy anything. I have so much stuff on hand from Josiah or stuff I haven't used. She will be doing science and history with Josiah.

Ezekiel will be doing pre-school, and I have everything I need for that too.

My goal this next school year is to eliminate as much busy work as possible. I still strive for a classical approach with some textbook. I never know what it is going to look like until we get started, but I already feel excited about some new things we are trying. Going into the next school year will be a lot different than years past. We have homeschool friends, a homeschool group, sports, and now we have a CHURCH!!

God continues to blow me away with His provision for our family. I love how He is growing us. Literally! :)


Wendy said...

Sounds like a great start to the year!!

I really liked "A reason for handwriting" for cursive. It was quick, but gave us some structure.

Glad to hear you have made a new homeschooling friend! I know you have prayed for that.

Kelly said...

Sounds wonderful! I know I have said it before, but I LOVE seeing what God is doing in your family. Exciting to see, and encouraging.

What a blessing to have such a similar friend, right around the corner. Yay!!!

Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

Kate, your comment would not publish. :( so I cut and copy and paste below!

we used the workbooks that go with the pathway readers for fun. they have a lot of phonics and grammar review in them. they def. get harder as they go along but make great for supplemental work.

when mine were younger, for bible, they loved me reading 'the childs story bible' by catherine vos and 'leading little ones to God' by marian schoolland. sweet books!

Amanda- Texas Girl born and raised! said...

Kate, we had the workbooks last year, but I didnt care for them. I hate busy work! :) but, I LOVE the pathway readers!!!!

And I have both of the other books too, but I am going to use an actual study guide. I usevthem with Ezekiel a lot!!! After using My Fathers World this year, my kids and I both love, love, love having an actual curriculum that goes along with our history. Im spoiled to MFW. I wish they did a bible curriculum only. I'm going to keep looking and praying! Convention in two weeks!!

Wendy, I'm going to look at that cursive you mentioned.

Love all of you!!!!

Christina Romita said...

Tell me how you like MathUSee. I'm interested maybe in a few years... :-)

Kim said...

Love! Our convention starts tonight and we are all so excited up here! I LOVE curriculum :)

We have that same Child's Story Bible and used Leading Little Ones a couple of years ago in the mornings and I still love it so much I am going to go through it again this year :)

Yes, I know what you mean about MFW. I do love it in so many ways. I am so glad you took the plunge with MUS and I really really hope I can find a good deal at the used sale. I think it will solidify the concepts we've covered before moving on. I am not sure where to start him yet though.

Having someone so close who homeschools is such an invaluable blessing (for you both!) It won't be long before you are corralling and headin' up all sorts of "Leander Homeschool" events :) So happy for you!

Wendy said...

You did find some great buys! That was so much fun! I will go to the used curriculum sale anytime with you and Naomi! Thanks for having me along--such a nice evening all the way around. So happy to know you :)