Friday, June 10, 2011


(purchased the whole kit for $50 on eBay! Woo hoo! And thank you Kim, as always, for discipling me under your thinking! It is much like mine, and I love you!)

I had not planned to start Latin until Josiah was in 5th and Ava Beth was in 3rd. But, I fell in love with this curriculum. Originally, I planned on using a different book, but loved the format of this one and after seeing it at a curriculum sale the other night, I knew this was it! My husband rarely has an opinion on my choices because he trusts me, but when I told him I was thinking about starting Latin, He spoke up. He thought it was a great idea for the whole family! When I start Spanish with the kids in a couple of years, Latin will help tremendously. This curriculum is for 3rd grade and up, but I'm quite sure Ava Beth will learn with us.

How do I love thee, Homeschool? Let me count the ways! Reason #1,654? My kids learning LATIN!

For all the Homeschool naysayers, I leave you with this Latin Phrase.

persona non grata!

(ha, ha! Not really.)

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