Tuesday, July 12, 2011


During our time away from "the church", things began to change in our hearts regarding church. We didn't understand. I'm not sure we even realized there was a "Family Integrated Church" until a blog I read while pregnant with Jude. Several months ago when we began seriously praying about going back to church, I found NCFIC.org site. I like to research things. I like to know the good and bad. When I look up products, I read reviews. When I download an app for my phone or iPad, I read reviews. I want the scoop!

During this time I found a book by Scott T. Brown called A Weed In The church. I didn't finish it (I'm finishing up now), but the first few chapters resonated with me in a powerful way. I began to share with Jeremy all the things I had been reading and learning. We had both been youth leaders (including children's ministry) in the past, and I grew up in a "youth group". A few years ago, when Facebook came on the scene, I reconnected with friends from my youth group. I was astonished by the huge amount of so-called "Christians" from our youth group who were now divorced, atheists or no longer living for the Lord. When I knew them, they appeared to be "on fire". Now, as adults, they resembled nothing of Christ. Did they truly experience conversion when I saw them walk the aisle at youth camp? Or was that just a moment of emotion? Was it real? Only God knows the answer to that, but it appeared to be an emotional decision that never made a difference. Did they walk away from the faith? Or were they ever walking in the faith?

Needless to say, Homeschool is something we feel is the best for our children on many levels. It goes beyond their education. It is important for us to train them and prepare them for the world they live in. We do not feel that any of their "training" or "teaching" should be outsourced. The more and more we researched and prayed, the more we began to feel that our church should model what we desire for our family. If the church cannot support us, who will? Finding the Family Integrated church has changed our lives. The discipleship for men goes beyond what I have seen in any of the churches we have been in. The men are intentional about "acting like men".

I posted a trailer to a documentary several months ago. I found out last night that the entire documentary is now available for free. I've posted the link below. Jeremy and I are both "first-born babies". This means I'm married to someone just as stubborn as me, maybe more. When God shows up and leads us down a path like the one we are on now, we both go "all in". We are "all in"! Does this mean we believe you are wrong for going to a church with age-segregated ministries? No. But, we do believe we have found something that is Biblical and we can't find a Biblical reason to do it any other way.

If you are curious, if you enjoy documentaries, watch DIVIDED. If anything, it will allow you to see why we feel our church is where we need to be. We are "all in"! And loving it!

And if you need a little bait..wait until you find out how Sunday School was invented. Shocking! Even if you only listen to the first ten minutes, you will love hearing Ken Ham's portion. Most Homeschoolers know who he is, and seem to have tremendous respect for his theology.

I love my church! I love the people God has placed in our lives! Today, I am truly feeling the magnitude of what He has done! I love these families!

Official Divided the Movie (HD Version) from NCFIC on Vimeo.

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