Thursday, August 11, 2011


(Christian trash-talk aimed at a family I know. They can handle it! They will get me back!)

Yes, it is THAT time again! May every team in the NFC east, except for America's team, stink it up this season! That is my prayer!

The Redskins don't know who they are, the Eagles have already talked super bowl (overly confident) and the Giants are no where on the grid! But, the Cowboys....they've got a year of total failure riding on their backs. Plus, a new head coach. Jason Calvin Garrett, a Princeton alumni, who gives fans hope.     He seems to have brains and apparently that is what our team needs. Oh and maybe a new owner. Actually, we need a whole lot more than that. (Jeremy knows how to pick friends. His new BFF's name is Jason Garrett! It was meant to be. That friendship was a no-brainer!)

Don't get Jeremy started! Even though tonight's game is only a pre-season opener, Jeremy will inevitably throw a pillow and storm out of the room at least once. More like four or five times. The first mistake the secondary makes will cause him to declare the upcoming season a total bust. "It's over".

But, this Dallas girl has hope! I believe in my team, and I am ready for some FOOTBALL! Jude Witten is ready to watch our favorite tight end, Jason Witten!

Let's go COWBOYS!

(Noel, I am working on an invite to watch football at your house! Wouldn't that be fun!!? September 26th? Lots of screaming!!)

Photo courtesy of FW Star Telegram


Noel said...

Princeton. Yeah. They're known for their football program.

Whatever, girlfriend. You can dream.

Amanda said...

No, but they are SMART! :)

Did you know that your new qback was not allowed into their facilities because the security guard did not know who he was?!!

Of course I wouldn't let half OUR team in based on last year!