Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Fall Banner

I like to hang a banner in the school room/dining room for every occasion. My husband and children now expect a new one for every event/season/Holiday. I plan on these banners becoming very famous! I have hopes of my "grown" children telling their children about these banners. This is where tradition starts! And for me, tradition is redemption! Breaking the chains of the past is an amazing experience. In fact, it's an act of worship! The Holy Spirit speaks to me through these little, simple things I do in our home. Healing always takes place!

If you want to make your own Fall banner or want to copy mine, go for it! I hope you will! I've posted a picture of everything you need. I found the letters I wanted in Word. Printed,traced and cut them out! Easy!!

Oh and Wednesday's craft I am doing with the kids is awesome!!! I am so excited! I promise I will post pictures and a link to instructions as soon as we are done.

Now go make a banner!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your banner! I may just have to go make myself one of those! :)

Kelly said...

OK, I just had to come say it is always so good to "talk" to you. What a blessing you are to me. So, so good to see you being you... I am just hoping the next thing on your list, after fall decorating and crafting, is some baking! You always inspire me:-)

Love you friend, and praying.