Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I forgot-resolved and sanctified!

Regardless of all of my mistakes, nothing was wasted. I don't believe for one second that I was outside of God's will. He gave me the gift of Worship Leading and the calling. He gave me the desire and discipline to run marathons. He used all of it to bring joy and to bring brokenness.

If you are a Mother and you are not passionate about your role, something has to change. It has to be FIRST love! Your ministry outside of your home will NOT flourish if things are not in order. If you devote more passion to things outside of your home, you will never be fulfilled the way God intended you to be. If you wrestle with that, if that makes you mad, good! It is worth the wrestle!! I wrestled for several years. I justified everything I did because I "Homeschooled". I was with them all day. I baked, crafted, taught and everything else. But, they did not have my heart.

My friend and neighbor, Kim, is an incredible encourager in my life. She is intentional with it! Several months ago she told me, "Amanda, you are an amazing Mom. You do it with so much passion." Little did she know that the Lord was using her in a mighty way. I felt like the Lord was wrapping His arms around me, telling me how proud He was of me. Thank you, I don't share that to brag on myself. I share that to brag on GOD. He did that!

The day is coming when I believe I will re-engage in a ministry, calling or hobby,and be a Mom to five children. But, I had to go through a tough process first. My passions, talents, callings, ministry had to be sanctified. It is a requirement I believe for all of us! Especially Moms!

I am not a perfect Mom. I make mistakes. Daily. Just about every single night, I go to bed asking for their forgiveness about something. But, I LOVE being a Mother and Homeschool teacher. There isn't a stage or marathon finish line in this world that could possibly fulfill me the way being a wife and mother fulfills. This family is a dream come true. They are the most important audience I could ever "lead" or teach.

There is a prayer I pray almost daily. "Lord, give me fresh and new ideas in our home. Help me to be creative and passionate in my parenting and teaching. May they see LIFE in everything I do!" And you know what? He does! He answers my prayer daily and continues to ignite passion in our home.

I know who I am now. I have found resolve and complete JOY in my life at home. I am only 35, so I know I have a ton of changing still to come. More sanctification! But, I am not where I was. I am a wife and mother, and that is enough! It supersedes everything else.

The process of sanctification is at times ugly, but being on the Potter's wheel is the only place to be. When you give it all up and allow Him to work, everything is sanctified! And that's when it can be used to inspire and lead others. An "anointed" ministry has always been sanctified first.


Wendy said...

"There isn't a stage or marathon finish line in this world that could possibly fulfill me the way being a wife and mother fulfills."


Kelly said...

I am going to borrow your prayer- perfect!