Monday, October 24, 2011

Forgiven and We Shine!

We had a couple of situations over the weekend where the two older kids struggled with some feelings of rejection. Jeremy and I both sat down with both of them at different times to talk and pray. It SUCKS when our kids are hurting, but I had two incredible moments with each of them. I was amazed at how the Lord used it to work in my life too. We have made scripture memorization such an important part of our school day and it is paying off. The Holy Spirit is working in our home in some incredible, life-changing ways. The WORD is the only thing that will set our kids free! Forget church, denomination and legalism! IT IS THE WORD. Life changing! And of course this starts in our homes! ALWAYS!

This morning as I was preparing for our Circle time (Bible Study), I prayed the Holy Spirit would give me a new worship song to teach them this week. After a few minutes, I thought about the lyrics to one song in particular. The Holy Spirit reminded me of a lot of the key things we talked about this weekend with Josiah and Ava Beth when they were hurting. This song went off in my head instantly! Thank you, so much, Lord for always giving me creative ways to teach my children about you! YOU gave me that song! No doubt!

So here is the song we learned this morning! The kids LOVED it. They have heard it many times since I own the cd, but talking about the lyrics really made them feel connected.

Oh and here is one more song I played this morning! When we finish up circle time, everyone has five minutes to grab a bottle of water, go to the bathroom or whatever else. Then it is straight to the school table. I have been playing a song during this time. Sometimes they dance and get all their wiggles out or they do what I listed above. Bathroom, water, etc.. This week I am using this song! Another one of my favorites! (This one is for Kelly Ann!) Homeschool is worship, so I guess you could call it a "Call to Worship" like the Baptists do! :)


Mix and Match Mama said...

Amanda, you have no idea how timely your comment was to me today. I've had a really hard day. Really hard. Hurt feelings, hard hearts...sad stuff between me and someone I love very much. Your comment not only brightened my day but your post today did too. It was such a blessing to my achy heart. Thank you. Thank you. Shay

Anonymous said...

YES! Still love that song! :) Please tell your kiddos that Aunt Kelly misses them and loves them very much! Miss you bunches too my friend! You are doing a great job! Love you!

Karen said...

Makes me sad. You are always so good with them. I'm so thankful you are teaching them THE WORD. That is truly what sustains us in rejection and other things that MAN does. Thank God, HE never rejects us.

I love you

Amanda said...

Shay, I am so glad you commented! You brightened my day too! I stalk both of your blogs!! I LOVE them both for so many reasons!

I have been in your shoes. I can relate so much and it helps me that YOU shared. Thank you!

I love Mix and Match Mama and I think you should do one for fashion too!! Love all the outfits you put together! You are inspiring in MANY ways! You make me miss home so much. Hope God moves us back to Dallas someday!!

Amanda said...

Aunt Kelly, Ava Beth talks about you all the time!! I want to catch up. Call me when you get a break. I think this is your last week in CO??? I love you!

Thank you Mom. They are doing much better. I will share what happened when I talk to you. I love you!