Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm a little preoccupied!

Not only is it the last week of our first six weeks, but it is also my planning week for the next six weeks. I feel a little crazy right now. And the first trimester is going out with a bang! Worst week of morning sickness so far! I have cried a lot over what to eat. Nothing sounds good. 24/7 sickness! One more week and I will be in the 2nd trimester. That is nuts to me! When I am in the midst of planning, I usually go into a hole and cut myself off from the world. I have to. Add morning sickness to that and I lose all people skills! Trust me, this is when you don't want to talk to me.

In the midst of it all, Jeremy surprised me with the purchase of a sewing machine! I've begged for two things over the last several years. A Nikon camera (the $800 one) and a sewing machine! He went with the cheaper of the two. I am sooooooo excited!!! Tonight I learned how to thread it and all that other fancy stuff. This thing is amazing! It pretty much does all the work itself. I am a newbie, but thanks to the internet (pinterest is full of tutorials) and Minnie (my friend in Dallas who happens to be a sewing goddess), I made two burp cloths tonight for a baby gift. Need to make a couple more and gift complete! They are not perfect, but I will keep practicing!

Looking forward to a weekend of sewing!!!

Jeremy threaded the bobbin, etc., for me the first time. I decided I was going to stay up late until I could do it myself. I read the manual and got it!! Minnie, I know you are proud based on all the dumb questions I asked earlier! And it wasn't hard once I figured it out! To me, THAT is the hardest part of sewing!

It's 1:15 AM. Must sleep!!


Kelly said...

I'm praying you feel better. Second trimester? That is amazing! Wow- time is flying by:-)

So impressed with your sewing; I still have to have Cailin thread my machine for me! Sheck out the sewing section of the blog "Fly Through My Window". She has two things that I think you would love- the dish drying towel (not its name but you'll see it) and the cozies, sewn pockets of rice we heat and put in our beds at night in the winter- heavenly!
Those are the only two things I have ever really completed and they are both great as gifts, thought you might like them too!

Minnie said...

You are cracking me up! The boys are going to video me later to show you how to manipulate Onesies through the machine as well as how to use your self-threader. So proud of you tackling something so WILDLY intimidating!! Love you!!!