Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mayflower (craft #1-Thankful Week)

Josiah studied The Mayflower in History last year. We even had to build one to sail in our pool. It was fun! We are reading about The Mayflower again this year with the other kids and I saw this cute craft on Pinterest. I don't have directions to post. It is pretty self explanatory! 

Today we had a conversation that went something like this. 

"Okay, we are getting ready to board The Mayflower and it is very crowded. There are 102 of us and 30 crew members. You can take ONE thing, besides your clothes, that is very important to you." Without hesitation, choices are revealed! Josiah answers, "My legos." Ava Beth answers, "My Bible and babies." 

I love their answers! Even more, I love that I knew what their answers would be before they shared them! 

Great day! 

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Jules said...

Thanks a million for sharing! I am so grateful for these ideas! :)