Friday, November 18, 2011

"Thankful week" interrupted!

I am behind in posting our "Thankful Week" crafts. We have a total of four. We are finishing last one today. Jude got really sick on Wednesday, so everything stopped! We are doing a Thanksgiving Pageant for Daddy too. The kids are going to share all of their crafts, the Thanksgiving story, their memory verses, and their worship song from this week. They also did some creative writing this week that we had a ton of fun with! I will come back this weekend and post it all! 

Last night I played around with some scraps. I ended up making Ava Beth a Christmas shirt. I started drawing some appliques last night, and fell in LOVE with creating my own designs! Tonight I get a night out for some shopping. You better believe I will be at JoAnn and Hobby Lobby with my coupons! Tomorrow I will be doing some really FUN sewing! I love having this outlet. My sewing needs a lot of work!!! The more projects I do, the more I learn from my sewing mistakes.

Happy creating!

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