Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, we had a sonogram this past Thursday to find out the gender. Everyone predicted a girl. Finally, Ava Beth would have a sister!! Instead, we got another BOY! I have spent the last few days trying to wrap my brain around what it will be like to have four boys. Homeschooling four boys! WOW! I am raising four sons, four brothers, four HUSBANDS, four FATHERS, four LEADERS. I feel a bit overwhelmed.

God's plan is perfect. In that...I rest. If the Lord blesses us with another after this one, I am sure it will be a boy too. :) And whatever God chooses for me, I LOVE.

His name? His name will be Israel. After Jacob wrestles with God (Genesis 32), God changes his name to Israel. The history and story behind this name is powerful. This year has been a year of non-stop "wrestling"in my life. Jeremy really "wrestled" with growing our family past four. I shared what God was showing me, appealed to Him with scripture, prayed, and let God work. God surrounded us with families who had four + kids. I have no doubt that God used those families during a season we really needed. What God has done in my husband's life has been radical!

Giving our family size to the Lord has been challenging. Today it has hit me HARD! In order to grow our family, financial sacrifices have to be made. It's in the little things that later become big things. My brand loyal obsession with laundry detergent, toilet paper and many other things need to come to an end. Or used more sparingly or SOMETHING. I grew up in a home that constantly ran out of toilet paper, paper towels, food, drinks, (rarely replenished) etc., so I tend to stock pile and/or overbuy. This probably won't make sense to everyone, but I know what the Father is asking me to do. Yes, changing laundry detergent is one of those things. I had a check in my spirit this past weekend when buying groceries. I still bought my Gain! Not anymore. I can save $5 if I buy an off-brand or store brand. Our clothes will still smell good!

This year, we have wrestled with theology beliefs, church beliefs, relational issues, family issues, financial issues, and much more. But...we "wrestled" and came out on the other side. As God humbled Jacob into total dependence upon God, it was then that God could trust Jacob with His blessing. Jacob finally trusted God to fight his battles! Wrestling does not scare me like it used to. I can be in friendships and wrestle. I can be at a church and wrestle. Wrestling does not always signify a "change". I used to think it did until this past year. Wrestling with God makes me strong! I get so excited about this story, and how it is so applicable to my own life. I am studying this passage in depth right now. I can't wait to come back and share more of what I am learning.

I love the name we have chosen for our son!

"Prince of God"
"God Wrestler"
(due in April)


Tracy: said...

Wow, I totally get this! It's hard for me because I feel like I have already made "sacrifices" in the way we spend our money but God gently shows me I still have a ways to go...Do my three teenagers still need juice boxes?? ha!! NO!! Thanks for sharing! (minor example :)

Timmarie said...

Love the name, love the meaning, love that you are willing to wrestle.

Kelly said...

Love it all! And you!

Jules said...

Such a beautiful name & meaning! Congrats, again!!!!

Paula said...

I LOVE it!!! Even more, each name is important and carefully chosen!! You have done well sista!!!

Alex said...

Wonderful name for what I'm sure will be a wonderful little man! Miss you, and God bless! :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Congrats...another boy! Love it!

Amanda said...

Thank you ALL so much! The name means so much to me.

Alex, miss you too! Think about you a lot. Especially when I pass HEB. lol!

Brittnie said...

Love the name!!!


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