Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day

My Brother in law gave me a book at Christmas about "understanding exposure". I think that may even be the title of the book. My camera has so many things on it I need to learn. And you can bet any picture I am pictured in will be in the "automatic" setting!  Jeremy does not care to learn (he actually hates taking pictures), and I am not sure Ava Beth and Josiah are ready. I did take the advice of a friend and taught the two oldest kids how to take pictures as long as that heavy thing is strapped around their neck.

The kids wanted to go to the park on New Year's Day and I wanted to play with my camera. I love shooting in the "aperture" (av) mode but I don't have it quite figured out. I am determined! Must keep playing and reading!

week 24 with baby #5


Jules said...

Beautiful pictures!

Carrie said...

Hi! My goodness, I love these pics...what blessings my friend. And you are as beautiful as ever...