Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 weeks!

30 weeks! I cannot believe it! Today my midwife told me she wanted to move my scheduled "home visit" from 36 weeks to 34. She said she does not think I will go all the way to 40 weeks based on last four babies being early and big. She thinks my body knows when to go into labor! But...there are plenty of women out there who can prove that theory wrong! I could be one of those 40-41 weekers! I pray not, but I know Israel's birthday is already chosen!

The midwives provide the birthing tub, but tonight I have to order the liner. The tub they bring is AWESOME!! I am getting so excited!

And guess what else? I am having maternity pics done and the birth will be photographed too! So EXCITED!!

God is loving on me so much right now through my friends and family. I feel so blessed! 


Kelly said...

You look amazing!

Sounds like a blessed time in your life for sure!

Timmarie said...

you look FABULOUS