Tuesday, March 20, 2012

38 days away! Or not!

Don't focus too much on the dirty mirror. I thought it was clean until I saw this! A certain little five year old likes to use my side of the sink to brush his teeth! ZEKE!

And I will have you know that I am MUCH bigger than this! I have a long torso that seems to mask my "hugeness" but if I pulled up that shirt, you would see my "massiveness"!

The hardest thing right now has to be my sciatic nerve and wanting to sleep all the time. I took TWO naps yesterday!

Getting nervous about the birth, but not so much about the pain. Although I have started freaking a little in my dreams. I dream that I am screaming almost every single night. I am more nervous about my other kids. How will they act during my labor? Will they stay occupied? Will my Mom make it here in time to help me with the kids? How will this all happen without having family here? I don't know...but...it is out of my control!

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Kate said...

i LOOOOOOVE this pic - your face says it all! dang girl, you look so good for 8 mos!! He's got it all worked out - don't worry!!! Deep breaths! xo