Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The "big baby"!

He loves this Power Ranger more than anything!
How big is Jude bug???? He raises his hands and we all say, "Soooooo big."

100% obsessed with action figures! Forget toddler toys and let's for sure forget baby toys! Jude loves his brothers' action figures. They go wherever he goes. Breakfast, lunch, supper, and the bath!
Every morning, our bed becomes the family bed. Once Jeremy leaves for work, the kids know they have free reign. I love waking up to this!

I know as soon as Israel arrives, Jude will look like a giant. I am soaking up these last few weeks with Jude being THE baby. Praying for him as he soon realizes there is a new kid in town. I pray it will be a smooth transition for our "big baby" as he adjusts to the "little baby".

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Jenn said...

He'll love it and they'll be best buds!!