Thursday, April 19, 2012

39 weeks with baby #5

I've never made it to week 40! Looks like I will! Walking around extremely dilated is no big deal unless you go to the hospital. Then they admit you and fill you with pitocin. It has happened to me four times! Let's just say in the Doctor's eyes, they would be urging me to push really soon. But my body is not ready! All those times I was given pitocin when I was dilated to a five, six or seven was not necessary. Turns out, I could go much longer.

My body is trying to figure out this natural routine. It's a battle but we are making progress. I am so excited to do what I was created to do. BIRTH! And BIRTH is a verb!!! I get that now! But it may take some time to get to that point. As my sweet, little ninety pound midwife walked me down to my truck yesterday, she smiled and said, "We don't consider you late until 41 weeks." I've got 100 pounds on her so I thought about taking her down but she's too sweet, too caring and I need her! :)

My body is in a constant state of labor but not ACTIVE labor.  My body hurts but my spirit is doing great! The former marathoner in me seems to be helping now more than ever! It is all about endurance with a homebirth. I'm staying busy! The gun show is Saturday here in Austin and we are going. Of course! In fact, Jeremy is looking at a gun to buy for me now. Joy! I would rather have a gift card to Target but my gun-loving husband is adamant about me getting my concealed handgun license!  My midwife said it would make a great story for my water to break at the gun show!  I agree! Look out gun-loving Republicans, a fully baked pregnant woman will be in your midst!

We are officially on our Summer break and will begin school again in July. Too hot to do much of anything else in July and August. Year round school seems to work best for our growing family.

Jeremy wants to go to church this weekend but I am trying to get him to hold off until Israel is here. I don't think I can sit through a service without getting up to use the bathroom five or six times. And my jeans barely fit!

Today we have a Target trip planned, a park day tomorrow and gun show on Saturday! Staying busy is the only thing that keeps me sane. Oh and afternoon trips to Sonic's Happy Hour helps too!

Oh and today I am going to the Chiropractor! I've never been but apparently it is a God-send to the pregnant woman. Especially one ready to pop! It can even help start labor. We shall see! Experienced homebirthers are still mowing the yard at this point. But I've got a bit of a mental handicap with having four babies all before 39 weeks with pitocin.

Past the middle miles, looking for the finish. This will be a finish line like no other! This is a medal I will never quit talking about!

39 Weeks!

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Kate said...

you are looking sooooo awesome!!! keep your eye on that finish line!! :) you are NOT far!!!