Monday, January 4, 2010

Josiah has been HEALED!! PART 1

Tomorrow I hope to expand on this a little so I can explain about the eating issues Josiah has had his whole life. First I just want to allow you to REJOICE with us! December 30th 2009, Josiah was HEALED! He now EATS everything! Our church was in revival last week and at the end of service I heard the Holy Spirit say "Go get your son out of class and take him down to the alter to be prayed for." So I did!


Elizabeth said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! I cried at the overabundant joy and peace you could see all over your son's face!! That is an amazing testimony and I am so glad you captured it on video for future reference to the amazing power and love of our Father. That gave me hope that the food struggles I have with my own son do not have to last forever and that I need to start praying specifically for that area of his life to be healed, too!! Thank you for your continued inspiration and for the joy you exude every day.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Do you KNOW what an influence this will have on his life....forever????????????? Praise the sweet name of Jesus!

Paula said...

I love her your voice!! :)

WOW!! Is all I have to say!!
I am so proud of Josiah!! He loks so proud of his self and the knowledge that our Jesus is a healer of ALLA things!! Wonderful!!

How did the burger go??

I need to come to your church and have hands laid on Carmyn!!

Tracy: said...

Love this! Rejoicing with you! Can't wait until Part 2 : )

Kate said...

That is so awesome! PTL!!! Can't wait to hear what he thinks of an AMERICAN Hamburger! mmmm!