Monday, March 8, 2010

Ava Beth

I noticed she was carrying her baby dolls outside but wasn't sure why. Instead of asking questions, I waited for the moment I would understand. Then, I grabbed the camera. First she served the babies tea and a variety of food out of her plastic storage container full of fake food. Then she got her microphone and sang to all of them at the TOP of her lungs. Oh and the outfit was one of many she wore on this day!

My daughter brings such joy to my life and to her Daddy and of course to her brothers. The brothers get annoyed with her constant "bossing around" but they listen and she is the first they go to when needing help with something. She helps Josiah clean his room, she wipes Ezekiel's butt willingly (no joke) and she hugs and kisses them both goodnight and they let her. Every night.

Ava Beth is a precious southern belle (she uses words like sweet and precious over tea with her babies all the time), a beautiful Ballerina, a little Mommy and one of the most nurturing females I know. And she is only 5! WOW. I love this daughter. She is my delight.


Kate said...

awwww!!! mygoodness, is she 5 already? she is adorable!

Love Being a Nonny said...

...and YOU are HIS delight! Isn't it good to know? Ava Beth is beautiful inside and out!

Kelly said...

She has learned well how to be a mommy- what a gift:-)