Monday, March 8, 2010

something new

As my family begins a new chapter, I have decided to begin the new chapter with a bang. You are going to see a whole new blog! I am not sure how it's going to look yet but I have a few ideas. The Lord is doing something HUGE in our lives and I figure this blog needs to flow within the same vein. You may wonder where some of the blog posts have gone. They are not gone, but now saved drafts. I feel the Holy Spirit asking me to do something new and one of the things that comes along with is taking some of the posts down. I don't have anything to hide or be ashamed of, I just feel this blog is going to serve a new purpose. 

There is something being restored in me right now ( i feel it) and I look forward to sharing every part of this new chapter with all of you!

My friend and new neighbor, Kimmy, sent me a text the other day that said "The Bradford Pears in your front yard are beginning to bloom. By the time you move in, the blooms will be FULL." 

Well, I am excited to share this new season. Things will be in FULL BLOOM!


smprae said...

Enjoy your move and may you be blessed in what God is doing in you and your family.

Karen Hammons said...

This looks great!! Can't wait to see what all you put on here!


Elizabeth said...

I'm looking forward to it!! Side note: my parents used to have a large peach tree in the backyard, and I LOVED it...until it got hit by lightening and died. :-( I keep telling them to plant a new one. :-) I bet those pears will be delicious!! I predict many pear recipes coming out way!! LOL Seriously, though, I look forward to hearing what God is doing in the lives of you and your precious family.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Welcome back, pretty lady! Its so hard for me to stay caught up on private blogs as I do most of my reading through google reader. I'm so happy you're back. =)

Beautiful blog design, by the way!

Amanda said...

Thank you girls!! So sweet!

Liz, these trees don't actually grow pears so no pears for me! :)

Kate said...

He will lead you!!! Gotta love that!
BTW, Your blog looks awesome!

Elizabeth said...

D'oh!!! What a tease!! LOL!!! I'm so glad to hear what God is doing with your family. :-)